Wabi-sabi Kuakua Shell Necklace


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DESCRIPTION: A beachcombed fragment of a Kuakua (Dog cockle) seashell. Embellished with kintsugi gold and sculpted with clay and Aotearoa/NZ beach sand. Its organic bores & holes are due to age and bioerosion. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection & natural decay. Handpicked & handmade in New Zealand,.

Ideal gift for: the lovers of the sea. Kiwiana souvenir.

SHELL SIZE: Approx 15mm. There will be slight size, shape and colour variations due to its natural elements.

CHAIN: 45mm long, 16k gold-filled chain.

PACKAGING: Microfibre Pouch or Charcoal Black Cardboard Box.

OPTIONS: We will wrap each jewellery item for you. You can request for small gift card with personalised message.

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Wabi-sabi Kuakua Shell Necklace

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