“Travelling Writer” Curated Charm & Curiosity Collection


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DESCRIPTION: I collected and curated five (5) pieces of old and new charms and pendants for the travelling writer.This is from my old collection when I first started Nostalgem.

The idea is to let your creativity take over. You can turn these pieces into a personalised necklace or bracelet that tells your story and it’s easy! Simply attach them to a chain necklace (you can use just one or all for a charm cluster necklace). Make several necklaces for your loved ones. Or add them to a bracelet for a vintage inspired heirloom charm bracelet.

Please note because of the age of these articles there will be signs of wear and aging (which adds to the character).

Height of items are around 15-25mm high.

PACKAGING: These charms will be hanging on a vintage inspired jewellery card gracing old botanical illustrations. Add $2.50 for a microfiber pouch.

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