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Shell Crumble Earrings #1


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DESCRIPTION: An eroded Kua Kua, or Large Dog Cockle shell fragment set on the end of drop wire earrings. Please choose drop wire style above. The organic sponge-like bores and holes are due to age and bioerosion, the natural process in the ocean where boring organisms drill holes by mechanical or chemical methods. The beautiful result of bioerosion symbolises dignity, character and enduring. Foraged from one of the shores of the Bay of Islands in the Far North of New Zealand.

Handsculpted and gilded with 23k gold leaf and natural mica powder, resin, local sand and sculptor’s clay to resemble a natural gemstone.

SHELL SIZE: Irregular shape approx. 25mm x 10mm to fit setting. There will be slight size and shape variations due to its natural elements.

EARRING WIRE LENGTH: 40mm long (plus length of natural element)

PACKAGING: Gold-Foiled Nostalgem logo on Charcoal Black Cardboard Box with inner black pad 100 x 100 x 40mm. Provenance story card included.

METAL WIRE OPTIONS: 925 sterling silver / 14k gold filled

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